Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Victory and a Defeat

A kinda miracle occurred tonight. I tried locking the handle on the bathroom door before I got in the shower. I was in there for only a couple minutes and like a moth to a flame, QoH just *had* to come try to barge in on me. But the lock held! I must have tinkered with it some time when QoH's idiot BF still lived here and managed to get it to work. I think I readjusted the strike plate or something. Anyway, I don't know why I forgot that it worked. I guess when her BF was here we all kinda had an understanding that when someone was in the shower you just didn't try to barge in. Funny that. Although if I recall correctly, QoH was still an exhibitionist and showered with the door open. :/

Anyway, the super-urgent-emergency-that-just-could-not-wait-for-me-to-finish-showering was that QoH was hungry and wanted me to make some spicy mayo sauce--the kind that is used for sushi and mock crab salad--so she could make some mock crab salad. I told her I would just as soon as I got out of the shower and got dressed.

As much as the woman tries to convince me that she has trouble walking and is in so much pain, she certainly has no trouble getting up to my bedroom in breakneck speed once I get out of the shower. I was soooo wrong in assuming that since she was back down in the kitchen that I could get dressed in peace. Fuck no! She was upstairs in what seemed like less than five seconds and came barging in on me just as I was pulling on my underpants. I really think she gets some perverse pleasure in seeing me naked. Or maybe she just likes the fact that it annoys me. Either way I still think it's kinda sick. So after my initial victory, I get the defeat of her walking in on me while I'm trying to dress.


That will not be happening again. I will be locking my bedroom door whenever I'm dressing or undressing. Because having boundaries and respect is something that QoH will never have, especially not for me.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Something that still grosses me out to this day and makes my skin crawl at how pervy it felt

This had to have happened in the late 90's. QoH had to have the house fumigated because of termites.  So because of this, we tried to find a cheap motel to stay at for the night.  QoH is such an asshole that she goes all the way up to bloody Ft. Lauderdale to find one.  She finally stopped at one on Federal Highway after driving around for some time.  She is the biggest fault finder and can find something wrong with anything and everything, so I guess she stopped at this particular one because it didn't look too bad from the outside.

We get in to the front desk and the place appeared to be run by Hindus.  There was a big shrine just inside the entryway dedicated to some Hindu goddess.  My mother didn't like that one bit.  The nice man running the place asked her if she would like a room with one bed or two.  She says one!  OMFG, I was COMPLETELY mortified.  What kind of sick fuck wants to sleep in the same bed as her grown daughter?!?!?!  I was probably 20 or 21 at the time so it makes it all the more gross.  The guy looked at her like she was some sort of pervert.  I felt like I was going to die right there on the spot.  It was all so embarrassing.  So the guy takes us to show us the room.  Mercifully, QoH didn't like the room for whatever reason so we left.  Ended up driving back home and just sleeping in the car until the exterminators came back in the morning to remove the tent.

So how fucking gross is that?

BTW, IIRC I was so grossed out that I had to ask why she wanted one bed and her lame excuse was she thought they would charge more for two beds.  Fucking asshole and her assumptions.  All she had to do was ask, but IMO she's always had this sorta covert incest thing going on.  She grosses me out on so many levels. 

And FWIW, she has absolutely NO boundaries when it comes to personal space or privacy issues.  She will barge into the bathroom regardless of whether I am using the toilet or shower and will also barge into my bedroom while I am getting dressed.  She will frequently follow me into my bedroom after I've showered while I'm still wrapped in a towel which will inevitably result in a standoff as I refuse to get naked in front of her and she refuses to leave me alone so I can dress in private.  The other thing that makes me nuts is she always has to brush against me when I'm trying to work in the kitchen.  It's a small galley style kitchen and there's barely any room in there for two people(some things in this house are so ridiculous and tight that it feels like it was built by submarine designers).  To make matters worse, she has two oversized bar chairs in there at the counter.  So any time I'm at the sink trying to wash dishes or prepare food she always seems to need to squeeze past me, back and forth, always brushing against my ass.  I can't stand being near her and I especially can't stand her touching me in any way, especially brushing against my ass for God's sake!

Okay, calm cleansing breath.  As you have probably figured out by now, QoH has been especially annoying to me today hence the dredged up memories and the rant(and something triggered me at the PD forum, so thus openeth the flood gates).  ;P

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while.  There's not much interesting happening.  I got this idea from a story I read.  While I don't own an MP3 player or anything, if I did, which songs would I have on the playlist?  Well, since I'm mostly into 80's classic alternative and "dark wave", most of the songs I like are going to be of that genre at the moment.  There's one down there that's clearly not.  :)  I used to be a total metal head but I can't stand most of that stuff now unless it's black metal and then I only like a few bands.

Anyway, here's what I got so far.  In no particular order.

Depeche Mode - Strange Love

The Church - Under the Milky Way

Siouxsie & The Banshees - Kiss Them For Me

Talking Heads - Most anything is good.  They were a favorite of my sister and I for sing-a-longs.  ;P

Billy Idol - White Wedding, Rebel Yell , or most anything by Billy Idol is good IMO  :)

Sisters of Mercy - Dominion/Mother Russia, Lucretia My Reflection, More

The Cult - Most anything by them will do.  Even the Southern Death Cult and Death Cult stuff.

Shriekback - Nemesis

The Alarm - Strength

Berlin - The Metro

AWOL Nation - Sail

Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People, The Dope Show

Devo - Whip It

Yaz - Situation

New Order - Shellshock

Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK

INXS - Most anything and especially if it's off the Kick album.  :)

Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)

The Smiths - How Soon Is Now?

Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole

Front 242 - Headhunter

Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express

Divinyls - I Touch Myself, Pleasure and Pain

Iggy Pop - The Passenger

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax

Monday, February 10, 2014

Well then.

Take a look at this while I'm away dealing with QoH at the doc's.

Maybe I need to add a new set of exercises to my regimen.  ;P

Although, that meme about 'Do ____ they said' springs to mind.  ;P   ;P   ;P

Monday, February 03, 2014

OUAT writers are assholes

They announced that a major character is going to be killed off in the second half of season three.  The characters who were in the running to get the ax are:

Snow White
Prince Charming

Emma  The savior.  It would be stupid to kill her off.  Highly unlikely.

Snow White  She's pregnant and that will be part of the story line in the back end of season 3.  Not likely.

Prince Charming  He was slated for demolition from the very beginning in season 1 but I doubt he'll be the one.

Belle  She's not really a regular regular.  I doubt it's her, but it could be.

Hook  My second choice for getting the ax although I think he's probably going to be the one to go.  He's not a regular from the beginning and seems expendable.  His character serves little purpose other than to be pervy.  It's too bad since Colin is easy on the eyes.

Henry  He's the primary plot device.  Unlikely.

Neal  My number one pick for getting the ax.  The actor playing him reminds me of a drunk or druggie with his mannerisms.  He's just so useless to me.  I wouldn't be the least bit upset if he got the ax.  Buh-bye!

Regina  My absolute favorite character of the show.  I heard a horrible rumor on the OUAT fan site that LP was dissatisfied with the role and wanted to leave.  I don't want to believe that as I'm pretty sure she has a 5 year contract and it would be stupid to give that up.  Also from what the rumor-mongerer said about some stuff that happened on set like trashing a dressing room, that sounds out of character for LP.  I think it is a bogus rumor.  But if it *is* Regina who gets killed off, I am so done with this show and will absolutely quit watching.

I never watched Lost, but OUAT has the same creators--Kitsis and Horowitz.  I heard that they did all kinds of stupid shit with Lost, too, and a lot of peeps quit watching because of that.  I guess leopards really don't change their spots.  It's a shame, too.  OUAT could be a really great show if there was some reasonable story lines, character development, etc. like the way some of the fanfic writers manage to do.  Seriously, I've found a couple fanfic writers who bloody well write circles around the actual OUAT writers.  If K & H do manage to ruin this show for me, I'll still continue to read the fanfics as long as peeps continue to write them because I get immense enjoyment from those.  K & H are douchebags if they continue to fuck with the fandom.  You have no show without the fans.  You should damn well remember that.