Tuesday, August 26, 2014

And now...

...the much awaited OUAT Fanfic Drinking Game!!!

During the Season 3 winter hiatus of OUAT, I discovered the wonderful world of OUAT fanfics and have been avidly reading them ever since.  And when I say avidly, I mean totally addicted.  I've probably done more reading for pleasure in the past nine months than I have in my whole life.  One thing I've noticed, though, is that the peeps who write at these sites seem to read each others' work and certain adjectives and phrases tend to get used over and over to the point of cliche.  And being me, ;D  I thought it would be pretty funny to make a drinking game of it!

So without further ado...

If the words vile, vial, or viol get misused, do a shot.

If green eyes, brown eyes, blue eyes, hazel eyes(or any plain eye color) is mentioned, take a sip of beer.

If smokey, chocolate, honey, emerald, or verdant is used to describe eye color, take 2 sips(and a bonus sip for creativity above and beyond these listed).

If referring to eyes as orbs, do a shot.

If the phrase 'green eyes met brown' (or any similar phrase) is used, do a shot.

If 's/he opened and closed his/her mouth like a fish out of water' is used, do a shot.

If 's/he exhaled a breath s/he didn't realize s/he was holding' is used, do a shot.

If 'she stood, smoothing out the creases in her clothes(or something like that)' is used, do a shot.

If Regina refers to Emma as Miss Swan, Sheriff, of Princess, take a sip of beer.

If Emma's red jacket is referred to as hideous, do a shot of that Red Bull crap('cuz I *am* evil ;P).

If older woman or younger woman is used, take a sip of beer.

If older brunette, younger brunette, blonde, or any hair color is mentioned, take a sip of beer that best matches the hair color--eg stout, amber, blonde wheat, or pilsner.

If Regina sneered, scoffed, huffed, snorted or rolled her eyes, take a sip of beer.

If someone refers to either Regina or Emma as insufferable, take a sip of beer.

If pale skin color is mentioned, or tanned, toned thighs, take a sip of beer that best matches. If olive was mentioned, eat the olive from your martini (or steal one from someone's martini, or the bartender's garnish caddy ;P).

Regina purring or husking calls for a body shot  ;P

If someone is getting their nipple sucked and it is released with a pop, do a jello shot. ;D

If someone's hands are batted or swatted away, do a shot.

If Regina refers to Emma's bug as a death trap or yellow monstrosity, do a shot of lemon drop.

For a cheesy/goofy grin, eat some cheese puffs(cheesy poofs). (can also be done if someone magically poofs somewhere) 

If someone is chewing on their bottom lip, chew on a Slim Jim  ;P

If someone ruffles Henry's hair, eat a handful of Ruffle's potato chips.

So if you dare to play this drinking game while reading OUAT fanfic, I *highly suggest* you do it on a chapter by chapter basis because I am not responsible for your alcohol poisoning or exploded liver.  ;)

BTW, any additional suggestions are welcome.  :)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Don't start something you can't finish, Xul.

Tuesday, while I was out back chopping the giant pieces of dracaena that I had cut on Monday into smaller pieces, I had another damn idea for a fanfic(curse my brain).  It seems like I get these ideas while doing mindless menial tasks.  Before I say what the idea is, I would first like to state for the record that I have never done drugs in my life and I hadn't had any alcoholic beverages since the previous Friday.  I don't know where this stuff comes from.  So for some reason, I don't know why, I thought it would be hilarious to do a Once Upon A Time/The Big Lebowski mash-up or crossover or whatever-the-hell those things are called. 

I'll give ya a moment to let that sink in.

So without missing a beat, my brain starts trying to come up with 'who plays what'.  Hmmm, Emma could probably be The Dude,  and let's see...Gold could be the Big Lebowski...hmm...maybe Belle as Lacey could be Bunny?  What about the Nihilists?  Maybe Hook, Robin, and Neal?  MM as Donny?  And who the hell would Regina play?  Maybe Maude?  Ooh, ooh!  I know...Regina could be Walter Sobchak!  ROTFLMAO!!! 

Anyway, that idea would be a real bastard to try to write.  Hell, I don't even remember how most of the movie went.  I *could* look it up, I suppose.  ::huffs::

Which brings us to tonight.  I went to go shower and wash my hair, which means that I was in the number one place for crazy ideas and inspiration.  I was thinking about the OUAT/Lebowski thing again and how in the world could I even make that idea work, when it hit me!  Storybrooke Community Theater Presents: The Big Lebowski!  Ba-hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Yes, I'm practically certifiable.  And yes, I need a writing staff.  It would be soooooo much easier that way.  I could come up with the comedy gold and then delegate to my writing staff!  Now I just need some volunteers... 

Thursday, August 07, 2014

It was a dark and stormy night...

...and Xul had the most cleverly wicked idea for a post or story or whatever. I've been avidly reading OUAT fanfics since the season 3 Christmas break and am absolutely addicted. A lot of these peeps write waaaay better stories than the actual writers. The only thing that is kinda annoying is there are certain words and phrases in that fandom that get used to death and have turned into groan-worthy cliches. I had the idea to do a short story or a post here using as many cliches as I could think of. I thought it would be absolutely hilarious. I'm probably the only one who thinks so, though. I'm funny like that. ;P

The main problem with that is that I'm a touch OCD with research and I've already started looking at lists of cliches and bogging myself down with too many ideas. Sigh. I still think the concept is funny as hell and if I stick with it, it'll be epic! Maybe? Hopefully?