Monday, April 20, 2015

C'Moooooonnn, What's in the box?

I'm sitting here contemplating doing a Birthday post, but since that is more than two weeks away it seems a bit early for that.  Soooooo, what shall I write about?  I looked up to the top of my wall unit where I have a big brown box. I *know* that there are a couple original Star Wars Ewoks in there, but I couldn't recall what else.  Now I just had to know.  ;P

This is where I really really wish my legs were at least two inches longer--three would be ideal--but I'd settle for two.  I couldn't reach the bloody thing barefoot so I had to look around to find a pair of shoes with the tallest heels.  I had a pair of Doc's that fit the bill.  With those on and the help of a stick, I managed to get the box down.  Inside was the two Ewoks(Wicket and Wiley according to their respective tags), a Papa Smurf, a Puff the Magic Dragon, and a Pink Panther.  There was also a GI Joe tank and a big GI Joe Boat with several figures on board.  Satisfied, I put it all back.

Now I'm itching to take an inventory of my He-Man figures.  I had/have some pretty cool ones.

Anyway, where am I going with all this?  Since my b-day was coming up, I was just thinking of the stuff I like.  It makes it easier for peeps to get gifts when they know what kind of stuff I like.  ;P

Sci-fi and wizards and warriors and weaponry and medieval crap is a good start.  Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings stuff is good, too.  That Loki shirt down below.  If someone would like to pay for me to go see Arekino that would be excellent!(like that's gonna happen :/)  IDK, I'm sure I'll think of other stuff after I post this.  I was just getting tired of looking at the old post.  ;P