Thursday, February 05, 2015

Of course I am, dear.

Aside from really sucking, being sick for a week is very boring as well.  And to alleviate the boredom, the Great Xul found herself looking at some new TV shows as well as looking at some old fandom sites. The peeps at the OUAT fansite are as tedious and boring as ever, but at least one of them posted a link to this quiz which I was all too eager to take.  When I take these sorts of quizzes I usually answer honestly.  If there are questions that could go more than one way for me, I'll take the quiz again just to see what happens.  I was quite pleased with the initial result.  ;D

I then noticed a link for a ThunderCats quiz. That was one of my all time favorite cartoons when I was a kid.  I still have a bunch of the action figures somewhere around here.  I was hoping to score Mumm Ra, but I initially came out as Slithe.

The description is totally me, but I still wanted Mumm Ra!  I took the quiz again and changed 2 answers and voila!

Muahahahahahahahahaha!!!  Because ya choose to be evil, baby!  ;P

Anyway, while I was watching one of those World's Dumbest shows, they showed a video of something very awesome:  Cold Steel Great Sword.  That shouldn't be included on a "dumbest" list since it's totally badass. Watching pigs getting sliced and diced with a giant sword makes me feel much better.  :)

I think I'm mostly over whatever dread virus I had.  I only have a bit of residual phlegm and snot and a bit of a cough once in a while.  I feel like I have most of my energy back as well.  :)  Soon I'll be back to my regularly scheduled workouts.  Hopefully I haven't lost too much power.