Friday, July 18, 2014

*Someone* must have me confused for a House-elf...

...crossed with an Iron Chef short order cook.  I wonder if you can guess who?

I was soooo pissed off yesterday after the bullshit that she pulled.  I shouldn't be *that* surprised, as it is merely typical QoH behavior, but the length of time and complete and total disregard for me and others was unbelievable.

The last two days(Wednesday and Thursday), she had me cooking and making all sorts of random dishes and then yesterday she wanted to "get up early" ::snort:: to make the shopping and errand rounds.  Well, knowing how QoH is, I should have just slept in, because she can't dislodge her ass from this house before 3pm.

Miraculously, I had woken up on my own early in spite of PM-ing very late that night.  All to no avail since no sooner had I gotten up then it started thundering. So there was the first excuse to not leave early.  She then futzed around like she normally does until nearly 3pm and then finally got herself dressed to go.

We made the rounds and the final stop was at Walmart. I forgot to mention that it takes her for-fucking-ever to do the simplest things because she has to sit in the car looking at ads and to-do lists for at least a half hour at each stop.  Aaargh!!!  So we're getting most of what we came to Walmart for(they are always out of frustrating)and we are just getting the last item when she starts bitching about prices--the whole 'this used to be 19 cents and that used to be 29 cents' routine when things haven't been those prices in over 50 years.  So at that moment, some poor unsuspecting lady happened to walk by.  I don't recall if she made a comment or if QoH just cornered her, but QoH ended up holding the poor woman hostage for nearly 2 freaking hours!

After the first half hour, I managed to wrestle the cart away from QoH and go to the check out to pay. I called her to tell her that I was finished paying and she told me she would be right there.  Riiiiiiiight.  So after ten minutes, I called her again and she tells me to take the stuff to the car and she would be there soon. Riiiiiiiight.  So I do that and wait a few minutes in the car and call her again.  At this point, it turns into me calling a series of times and her hanging up on me each time.

I was now fuming.  I decided I was going to give her two minutes and then I was leaving(it's good to have a spare set of keys  ;P).  I gave her one more courtesy call which she once again hung up on me, and then I left and went home. Oh, I forgot to mention that I had bought a fresh chicken which was reaching room temperature after having been out of refrigeration for nearly an hour, and other vegetables which had by then been sitting in a hot car for two hours.

I went home and put everything away and then drove back to the store.  Miraculously, the same parking spot was still available, so I re-parked there.  I called her again--another hang-up.  She was *really* pissing me off.  I wasn't just going to sit there and burn gas so I went in again and just moseyed around the store looking at things.

Eventually, *I* got a call that she was at the back door of the store.  Like I said, she had that lady cornered for 2 fucking hours! and didn't even realize I had went home and came back.  My mistake was not doing it sooner and only coming back when she called me realizing that her car was gone. LOL  That being said, she *still* didn't realize I had left.  I'm shocked she didn't notice the lack of groceries in the car and the fact that when we got home I just bolted out of the car without unloading a bunch of things.

Anyway, I was still fuming until late last night.  Her complete lack of respect for me and others' time is truly spectacular.  I have been putting up with that shit my entire life.  She will never change.  It just blows me away that someone can do that shit and have such a disregard and lack of consideration for others' time.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014


I've grown tired of ol' Frank at the top of the page. Besides, in real life, I don't think he'd be allowed to be on top for eight consecutive days. ;P

So dear reader, I was doing some thinking in the shower(the place where all the best ideas happen). What would be something different for a post? How about a little game? Something of a 'get to know you better' kinda deal. Maybe something like truth or dare, except it would be impossible to enforce the dare part being this is the intertoobehs and all. So maybe we'll start with 10 questions with 3 chances to abstain? And you can ask anything you want. It doesn't have to be embarrassing or deeply personal(although those wouldn't be off limits). Interesting will do fine. I'll ask one, then you ask one, but we each have to answer. Does that sound fair?

I'll go first. Something easy, unoriginal, and not very personal: Coke or Pepsi? ;)


 Go Big Orange!!!