Sunday, August 21, 2016

I'm a bad, bad blogger...

...who goes months between posting anything new.  And that's because I don't have anything new going on here.  So instead I'll post some pics of Andrea KGB Lee.  The first is of her and Cowboy Cerrone (who looked phenomenal in his fight on Saturday).  I've liked Cowboy as a fighter since his days with the WEC. That dude has been doing MMA for a loooong damn time!  And I notice that KGB is wearing a Cyborg shirt.  I approve.  ;)  And the second pic is of KGB in those cool Mardi Gras colors harlequin spats.

Fun fact:  KGB used to do waitressing which turns nice young ladies into evil stone cold killers.  I know this from experience.  How many times have I wanted to choke out a customer?  ;P