Friday, November 21, 2014

TUF 20: Bitches Get Stitches

Okay then!  It's been a while.  ;P

Anyone who knows me knows that I like MMA.  Recently, the UFC has had two different TUF series featuring ladies' weight classes. The first was for bantam weight(135 pounds) and the current one is for straw weight(115 pounds).  If I was still young enough to fight, my natural weight class would be straw weight, so the current TUF series is of particular interest to me.

For the bantam weight series, they had Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey as the coaches. Those two women are bitter rivals(and as you know, I can't fucking stand Rousey) and for the whole series Rousey acted like a fucking child and mean-mugged at Tate and Tate tried to brush it off and be somewhat professional.  The ladies who were competing, however, seemed for the most part to get along with each other in the house and were pretty professional about the whole thing.

Now, this season for the straw weights, they have two dudes as coaches: Anthony Pettis(who I really like as a fighter) and Gilbert Melendez(who I don't think I've seen fight since IIRC he fought for Strikeforce which was on Showtime and I don't pay extra for that ;P).  Melendez seems like a nice enough guy and the two coaches have been cordial to each other and very professional. There hasn't been any of the petty rivalry bullshit going on so that is a plus for me.

Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the contestants. There has emerged a gaggle of catty bitches.  Aside from the first episode, the next few were pretty boring. Now that we are to the quarter final stage, things have gotten interesting and the claws have come out. In the first ep IIRC, Randa Markos who is of Chaldean descent, born in Iraq, and whose family fled from Saddam and now lives in Canada, beat pretty decisively the #2 seed, Tecia Torres, who was then eliminated.

In the episode previous to last night's, because one of the Team Pettis girls got injured and could fight, the head honcho Dana White decided to give Tecia Torres another shot. She was originally on Team Melendez, but now she was brought back and moved to Team Pettis.  Well, true to form, some of the catty bitches(Angela Magana, Bec Rawlings, Felice Herrig, and Carla Esparza and a little bit from Rose Namajunes)threw a fucking fit that it wasn't right and blah, blah, blah.  There was so much catty jr. high style mean-girls bullshit and unprofessionalism that is was a turn off.  They even went so far as to call themselves "The Scrapetts" and the other girls in the house "The Chumpettes".  Seriously, that is the kinda shit that I saw in elementary school.  How old are you stupid cunts?  Grow the fuck up already.

But the best thing is when bitches get their comeuppance.  Bec had to fight Tecia Torres(who IIRC trains up at ATT in Coral Springs)and Tecia won. Nyah, nyah!  And then classless as always, the other mean girl chicks booed Tecia after the decision was read!  Well that didn't sit right with Joanne "Jojo" Calderwood(the Scottish Muay Thai champ) and she called those idiots out right on the spot and scolded them for being rude and unprofessional.  I had to laugh, cuz what were they going to do? LOL  I like Jojo, she's cool and not afraid to call out bullshit and I could listen to her talk all day with that Scottish accent.  ;P

And then in last night's fight, Randa Markos(who proved to be a force to be reckoned with) fought loud mouthed obnoxious Felice Herrig who I just wanted to punch in the fucking face, her and her BFF Carla Esparza.  They had their panties in a bunch because they were paranoid of having their opponents for their next fights watch them train since all of Team Melendez' fighters except for Rose were eliminated, so they would be fighting team mates.  Training is supposed to be twice a day, so they had decided that one group would train in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

Randa thought that was a stupid idea since MMA is not a team sport and she wants to win this thing, so it would be in her best interest to train twice a day and not once.  Well, Felice and Carla threw a fucking hissy fit when Randa got in the bus with them to go train.  I swear to god, they acted like such spoiled fucking petty babies that I lost all respect for them and was hoping that Randa would smash Felice's face in.

I kinda got my wish on that.  :)   Randa finished Felice in under 3 minute in the first round by the craziest armbar I've ever seen.  I only wished she had broke it.  The funny thing was, afterward during the interview, Randa said the same thing--she should have broke it but she's too nice. LOL

Then after the fight when Randa was saying something to another team mate, Carla interrupts with some more catty bullshit and Randa told her, "You're next."  LOL  I'd love to see that.

Randa Markos kinda reminds me of Juliana Pena from the 135 pound TUF.  Both seem really driven to win and were both underestimated.  At this point, I'd like to see either Randa or Jojo win the whole thing.  While I had liked Rose because she has some pretty decent skills, she turned out to be a catty bitch, so I hope she gets her ass beat.  ;)


That armbar was so slick and so simple that I just couldn't stop thinking about it.  I did a little digging and found this pic that Randa posted on her instagram.  It's just so slick in its simplicity--she had Herrig in side control and then slipped her arm over one thigh and then pinned it with the other. A little flex of the hips and **SNAP** if the bitch don't tap!  ;P

It kinda reminds me a bit of some of the crazy joint locks that we used to learn in Kung Fu class.  I love the unusual little moves that catch an opponent by surprise.  :)